10 Worst Dog Foods And What We Recommend Feeding Your Dog


Most of the dogs will eat almost anything.

That is … any rests of table dug out of the garbage or even from the  litter box. The desire of food of a dog does not know limits.

Most of the time, your dog does not know what he eats – all that it knows, it is that it smells and tastes well. As a happy dog owner, you should watch what your dog eats. And to confirm that his dog food matches his nutritional needs.

Unfortunately, numerous dog owners do not take enough time to check what is really in their dog food and they make their dog food choice according to price alone.

You do not need to be a millionaire to give to your dog a high-quality diet. Of course, superior-quality dog food is a little more expensive, but if you think in the long term, the advantages to feed your dog with a quality dog food outweigh the negatives.

Many dog owners who skimp on their dog’s food find them selves paying much expensive vet bills. They now have to face their dog’s  nutritional deficiencies and other health problems bound to a bad diet.

So, what makes a dog food healthy and nurturing? and how can you distinguish it from a poor-quality one ?

First of all: to choose a food for high-quality dog for your favorite friend is not as difficult as you could imagine! – Some time and search. That’s it.

One should know how to read properly the label of his dog food. 

However, if you lead an active lifestyle as we all are, you may not have time for something as important as the learning about your dog food. That is why we have compiled a list of 10 worst dog food for the last two years and 7 recommended brands which you should consider for 2019.

These 10 worst dog food are so bad, we recommend you to STOP them right now. So, buckle your belt and keep reading to know more about what you should and should not feed your dog.