Fair use

Fair use is a copyright code founded in the principle that the public is allowed to freely use measures of copyrighted materials for the purpose of education, clarification and opinion. This site may include copyrighted material, the use of which has not continually been approved by the copyright holder.

Logos, Pictures, Links, and Fair Use:

Some of the photos and logos used to signify links on this site may fall under fair usage in the framework defined below. A portion of these images may be screenshots of a copyrighted material belonging to an organization, and are thus protected by copyright and/or trademark. The right to the image is possibly owned by the company or establishment that created it. It is understood that the use of a certain amount of screenshots for the sole purpose of identifying and visually associating to a specific link, qualifies as fair use under International copyright laws. Additional and differing uses of this image, within the site or on another, may be considered copyright infringement. Commercial use of this image may also be trademark infringement. For further information, please follow the suitable link to the organization’s site. Use of the image on the site does not suggest endorsement of the organization by Content Axe, or vice versa.

Non-free Use Media Basis:

The use of an image of logo in its full form is intended to make sure there is no misrepresentation of the company. They are sized for clarity and visibility. The image is positioned on the page as a visual utility to recognize the organization connected with the link, as a matter of context and interest. The importance of the image or logo is to assist the reader to recognize the institution behind it, advise the reader that it will reach the correct site linked with the organization by clicking on the logo, and to exemplify the organization’s envisioned branding idea in a way that words could not communicate. Due to the fact that it is a logo, there is almost surely no free equal. All other substitutes that are not a derivative work would not be able to express the intended meaning, would distort its image, or would fail its purpose of association or opinion.

Content Disclaimer:

The opinions and ideas expressed in the articles or comments on this site are those of the writers and do not always mirror the views and opinions held by Content Axe. The editorial staff of Content Axe supervises and manages the site based on the in-house editorial policy but should not be held responsible for all of the information you may discover on this web site.

Image/Content Removal:

If it is the establishment’s belief that the use of specific image on our site contains copyrighted data that conflicts with the approved use, and/or does not observe the fair use code as described in this setting, please contact us through our DMCA Policy page and we will remove the upsetting image/s instantly.

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