(STOP): 14 Hair trends everyone ditched in 2019


Do you know a woman changes her hair style on average 150 times over her lifetime, study of the Express. 64% of the women surveyed said that they cut their hair or colour it when they get bored with their current appearance.

A new look is synonymous with joy, a change of attitude. In less than an hour you are transformed!

We had a lot of choices in 2019. Where we witnessed the return of blunt bobs paired with edgy bangs, and the out-of-the-shower wet-hair à la Kim Kardashian…
These new trends have put our beloved old styles to one side. However, many of these styles have also gone out of style quite quickly.
The List website reviewed the issue with hairdressers and hair care experts.

And you will immediately discover what trends has lost in 2019. Stop them right now!
Without further ado, here’s what hairdressing gurus advise Hollywood stars. (and you)