Top Beauty And Make-up Tips For Round Faces


We are grateful for having beautiful faces with unique characteristics .Yes Round Faces are unique, and you are beautiful as you are. But if you still think it is not enough, this makeup tips and tricks article is made for you.

Here are the best (and easy) make-up advices for round faces that you can incorporate into your daily make-up.

 Word of caution! Note that these beauty tips will accentuate the facial characteristics of round shapes rather than hide them.

If you want to hide them, stop here.

In all cases, don’t believe the myth! Do not associate the roundness of your face with your possible curves. There is no relationship whatsoever! You don’t believe me, do you? Try Google: « celebrities with round faces ». You will get a quick answer. Thank us later.

let’s move on!

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The basis of a successful makeup is a well cared-for skin

For pretty rounds like any other, a pretty face starts with a pretty skin. The right solution to adopt?  a gentle scrub, once a week, and hop, no more impurities! Morning and evening, don’t forget to moisturize your skin with a suitable cream.

If it is oily, prefer gel textures, lighter and a little mattifying; if on the contrary, it is rather dry, do not hesitate to moisturize it with a rich cream, which will nourish it in depth. And of course, remember to remove your make-up carefully in the evening, to keep your skin fresh. See Why it should be your MOST important night-routine.

Make up your lips with a round face

To blur the roundness of the cheeks, it is necessary to bring out certain parts of the face, either the eyes or the mouth. To make up your mouth, you always start by drawing the outline of your lips with a pencil.

Thus, their curves can be slightly modified and made more voluminous. Very useful to blur imperfections, the lip pencil also helps to prevent the lipstick from spinning.

If you want a full mouth, opt for lipstick with an intense color: fair skins can adopt deep, bright reds, while pale roses and beiges will dull the complexion. Darker skins can do anything from orange to purple and carmine red.

 The contouring of the round face, the shadows

A round face means that the reliefs are not very visible. To highlight the bone structure and redraw the features, you don’t need a diploma!

You start with a large brush and a powder darker than your skin tone, to be placed in the hollow of your cheeks, on your temples and under your chin. Then gently stretch outwards to melt the colour.

And if you only have to keep one, you focus on the hollow of your cheeks.

The eyes

 Here too, everything is a question of nuances. Your gaze must widen, lengthen. The eyebrows should not be too thick and the inside of the eyes, as well as the lower eyelid, should not be made up to avoid a « falling » impression.

A woman with a round face should give priority to make-up on the upper eyelid.

How? The eye shadow or pencil will then be applied to the upper eyelid and should be stretched outward and upward.

If you want to refine your face, you need to take care of your eyes and redraw your features. During your depilation, avoid round eyebrow shapes. Those will make the roundness of your face even more noticeable.

It is only appropriate to accentuate the natural arch of the eyebrows by highlighting specific angles.

Want a more elongated face appearance? play with the shadows and lights of your eyeshadows. In the inner corner, apply a shadow whose intensity is really lighter than the shadow of the outer corner.

A third eye shadow of a different color can be used in the center to highlight your eye color. Congratulations! Now, the center of your face looks wider!

A simple and adapted choice of complexion

Don’t forget to balance the complexion of the face!

For example, if you want to dig a part of your face, you will use dark colours and if, on the other hand, if you want to add volume, light colours are the most suitable.

Since the round face already has enough volume, the best foundation to apply is a matte color to avoid the appearance of faceted balls. You can choose between cream and compact colour.

Apply it to the temples and stretch down on the cheeks.

A blush touch

To break the curves on the face, blush is also an essential element in make-up. To do this, you will avoid rounded shapes on the cheekbones. Stretch your blush from cheekbone to temple.

The pink or orange colour would be perfect for a successful make-up. With the illuminator, you can illuminate areas such as the bridge of the nose, the cupid arch, the area just above the eyebrows or the centre of the chin.

Also think about the concealer to hide some imperfections of your face.

How to erase a double chin?

The double chin does not only touch round faces. To blur it, no need for liposuction, we make it disappear with a little makeup!

This technique is also called sculpting. To make your double chin disappear like the pros, you use a light pen and darker powder.

First, you put a touch of light hue on your chin with your light pen. Then a little darker powder is applied under the jaw to create a shadow. But be careful not to use too much.

Finally, we blur the material a little so as not to have any demarcation.

Take care of your hairstyle

The first cut you should avoid at all costs is the right fringe. Strict and too flat, it accentuates the curves of your face and makes it look heavy.

The watchword to remember is that you need volume.  We therefore avoid the straight fringe, the square at the chin. And we prefer an asymmetrical strand, which will give movement to your hair. However, you can dare to have short hair.

On the other hand, the asymmetrical wick will create angles that will balance the curves of your face. Avoid also tightly fitting buns, which hide the wonderful advantage that your hair can be. What we remember: you need volume and movement.

And don’t fall for the classic long, flat hair!

We see many women with round faces who, for lack of inspiration, let their hair grow indefinitely. On round faces, long haircuts with a parting in the middle are really not advantageous.

Your hair should not be a curtain behind which you hide your round face! On the contrary, make it an asset that will enhance it.

Instead, round faces can be balanced with a slightly plunging square, with loose loops. This hairstyle is the perfect combination, because it offers volume and lightness: everything you need for your round face!

In brief, the right fashion solution is to adopt a plunging square, with the longest strands falling just below your jaw.

Always Be proud of your face

In case you noticed, I didn’t mention making a heavy contour or using highlighters of all kinds. Why?

Because we don’t need it. Why spend so much on makeup when you can make a big difference with what you already have. No amount of makeup can change us as much as we would like.

Why do we have to compare ourselves with people who put on 10 layers of makeup before going out?

Stop it! Now. You are beautiful, I am beautiful, we all are. You already have everything you need.

Remember this article on makeup tips for women with round faces is not designed to set standards for how you are supposed to look.

You are an independent and powerful woman who has the power to make her own decisions and do everything she can. Be proud of what you have, and who you are.

Never underestimate yourself and remember that your worst enemy may be you.

So start loving yourself, you are really beautiful, you are perfect.

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