Tips To Look Elegant With Your Shoes


Shoes are a must for feminine beauty. They dress your feet and carry you in every sense of the word. If you wear a nice pair of shoes, you will feel much better in your body and in your head.

Best thing? You’ll feel ready to enjoy your day to the fullest.

How do you feel when you start your day with a nice pair of pumps or boots on your feet? And on the contrary, how is your state of mind when you spend your day in slippers?

The answer is easy, the shoe is a charm and good mood asset; and as I like to repeat this famous quote: « Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world ».

Why this positive effect on your well-being and state of mind? Because a shoe anchors you in the earth, in your reality, in your life.

You are well anchored, aligned with yourself and ready to take action.

So why not wear your shoes with style, femininity and elegance?!

Here are  7 tips to always look elegant and stylish with your shoes.

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Pick the right type and size

Choose a size of shoe, heel, straps according to your own stature and the size of your ankle.

Thin statue, ankles and calves go hand in hand with fairly thin shoes in the sole, the width of the heel….

Conversely, a larger woman with stronger legs and ankles will need shoes with volumes that match her own.

Similarly, approach the thickness of the leather and the size of the stitching with the same logic of reasoning.

But be aware, shoes with a strap around the ankle are only flattering on thin, long legs with equally feminine and loose ankles.


A shoe grows you, in every sense of the word. High perched, you feel ready to crunch life to your teeth and lift mountains. Heels lengthen your figure and give you confidence in all situations.

The shoes also bring a personal touch to your outfit. Whether your pair is sober or more daring, it reflects your personality and says a lot about who you are. Personally I often look at the feet of the people I meet and I always find it interesting to apprehend them through their shoes.

Avoid high heels

Unless you are a stilt-walker, forget about heels over 10 cm. Beyond that, the arch of the shoe is frankly vertical, so it does not follow the arch of the foot. As a result, the foot contracts and you are in pain.

If you are not used to heels or your feet are particularly sensitive, be reasonable: between 5 and 7 cm is perfect.

Similarly, the narrower the heel, the smaller the surface area of contact with the ground and therefore the more difficult it is to walk. So leave the stiletto heels aside (for special occasions) and prefer comfortable square heels for day to day work.

Choose your shoes according to your morphology

We arrive at a very interesting criterion that you don’t necessarily think about when you buy a pair of shoes: your morphology.

If you are small and thin

Good news, you can afford a lot of things. Whether it is pumps, boots, low boots,… Choose them with heels. They will lengthen your figure and make you look taller. You can also easily go flat and wear derbies or moccasins, for example, given your slim appearance.

For the heels, I advise you not to choose them too thick. Just like the shoes not to choose too massive, to continue to enhance your fine legs.

If you are small and round

From boots to low boots, opt for heels too, they will stretch your leg. You can try thick and/or wedge heels to balance your figure. Choose ballerinas with a small heel to avoid the compression effect. Wear your derbies with pants rather than a skirt or dress to avoid thickening your leg.

If you are tall and thin

You can also afford a lot of things since you are slender. Boots, thigh boots, sneakers, derbies, ballerinas, enjoy yourself! But, if you are really very tall, don’t choose a heel too high to avoid being too high perched on the ground every day. For occasions, you can of course be more daring.

If you are tall and round

Thick and/or square heels will be your best allies; and again if you are really tall, don’t choose them too high for your everyday outfits so as not to be too high perched and avoid a massive look. Derbies are best worn with pants rather than a skirt or dress to avoid thickening your figure.

Take the test the next time you buy a pair of shoes: try to make your purchase according to your morphology. You will refine your style in the right direction. Beautify yourself and give yourself more style.

Make the right associations with your clothes

Your style and elegance will also depend on the right combinations between your outfits and your shoes. Not only according to the times of day or the context, but especially according to the choice of your clothes. Some examples for you to understand:

  • Prefer to wear your low boots with slim, 7/8 or roll-up jeans, they will be much better highlighted and you will gain in style.
  • Wear your sweater dress with a nice pair of suede boots. Suede is a more elegant material than smooth leather for a model like waders, and it goes very well with the mesh of a sweater dress.
  • Wear your boots with a pretty knee-length cigarette skirt, this will slim your figure and give you a very classy look.
  • Choose your pumps in colourful designs, they will give an irresistible touch of pep to your outfits and will dress even the most classic. Think for example of a red court shoe, camel, nude to brighten up your timeless little black dress.
  • Wear your sneakers with a small short dress to mix femininity and relaxation.

At the time of the fitting!

Look into your schedule to choose the height of the heel.

During the day when you go to work, opt for a 3 to 5 cm heel that will keep you comfortable, especially if you have to stand or walk. For a heel of 7 cm or more, plan to wear your pair of shoes for an evening outing in a restaurant, or for a date.

As for heels of 10 cm and over, I know that some of you are able to wear them on a daily basis, I admire you and I say bravo!

Think about the clothes you can match your shoes with right from the start.

Hint: Choose a model or color that you don’t yet have to vary. Think about what you need to match some of the outfits in your wardrobe and feel free to be a little bold from time to time.

A bright red or lemon yellow slingback can do wonders for your outfit if you combine it with good basics and sober pieces (raw jeans, white t-shirt, camel trench coat, cashmere cream sweater, navy blue blazer, etc.). To keep the class going, it’s often a question of dosage.

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