6 Useful Things To Do With Expired Food Products!


We open the fridge to get a yogurt and we realize that it is expired

and we don’t know what to do with them? Eating them, at the risk of getting sick, or throwing them away?

Here is 4 ways to deal with expired products while limiting waste!

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Feeding animals

On Sundays, when we go for a walk in the park with the children and they go for a walk by the duck pond, we always regret not having a few cookies or a little something to throw at them.      Good news: Before going for a walk, check the started rice (and now all hard) from  the fridge. Bring also the bagged salad which is all soft and all wet.

You probably have plenty to please the local ducks… and our children too ( who will be very happy to feed them!)

As a reminder, giving bread to the duck is very bad for their health!

Consume the products

That’s right: if the packaging of the yoghurt or chocolate bar you are holding in your hands says « best before today…. « , you can eat it today!

Indeed, we can eat foods whose “best if used by” date, has expired without any fear for our health! All we risk is that they will be a little less pretty, a little less tasty, and a little less rich in nutrients.

So as long as we don’t see « to consume until » on a package and our food still looks good, we can eat it without any problem.

And to help, here is the list of the products that you can consume even if there are expired;

Frozen foods: very long shelf life. However, do not exceed 6 months for homemade and frozen products, and 9 months for minced steaks.

Cans: edible several years after the “best before” as long as they are not deformed, damaged, swollen or rusty.

Dried products (cereals, flour, mashed potatoes): same as for canned food. It is just necessary to keep them dry to prevent the development of certain micro-organisms.

Chocolate: good until a thin white film appears on the surface. Then you have to throw away your tablets.

Sterilized milk (UHT): good up to two months or more after the “best before”. No risk to health, the only disadvantage is the alteration of taste and the reduction in vitamins and minerals in the product.

There are also many foods that do not expire, such as flour, coffee or sugar.

On the other hand, some products need to be vigilant:

Eggs: It all depends on how you eat them. Hard, they can wait up to 3 or 4 weeks, 23 days after laying for a preparation (such as a cake for example), shell they must be extra fresh. The risk comes from the shell, if it is split, germs can develop inside, so you must throw away your egg. Caution: Do not wash it if it is dirty, you will return the porous shell to the germs.

Fresh fish and cut products should be consumed within two days at most.

Honey is the ONLY rotproof food, i.e. it will NEVER expire. It can therefore be preserved (and eaten!) FOR LIFE!!!!! As proof, an consumable honey pot was found in the Tutankhamun tomb, it would date back more than 3000 years!

Spices : Without them our recipes would be bland… It’s a good thing because they don’t expire! At worst, they will lose some of their taste.

But when in doubt? well, all the expert we asked, recommended the Foodkeep. An app by the USDA which shows how long food lasts.

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Prepare compotes

When you have fruit and vegetables in the vegetable bin of the fridge that are no longer fresh, you have to lose the reflex of throwing them in the garbage (well, unless there are obvious traces of mould on them, of course!).

Indeed, just because they are no longer beautiful and they have become a little soft doesn’t mean they are no longer good! The proof: with fruits that are a little too ripe, you can prepare excellent compotes, cakes or flans. The same goes for vegetables: once mixed together in a soup, they become super appetizing again!

Shine the shoes

Expired milk is also the king of well-kept leather shoes! Be careful, the trick works with real leather, not suede or suede type turned over skins. On your favourite shoes, use a cotton pad or a clean cloth soaked in expired milk. It is better to pour it into a bowl so that the cloth or a new cotton can be soaked regularly.

Then apply to the shoes by rubbing gently to let in the expired milk: the operation cleans the shoes, nourishes and softens the leather, prolonging its life. All that remains is to wipe with a dry, soft cloth. After a good coat of waxing, the leather will shine and give your favourite shoes a second life!

Even better. The trick works equally well on handbags, leather belts or any leather goods.

Cleaning wooden furniture

Any beautiful wooden coffee table?

 It often happens that after a few evenings, our table is filled with traces of glasses or bottles: this is what happens when you don’t use an under glass!

Rather than trying to scrub our table with all kinds of products, we can simply spread on the traces… some expired mayonaise ! Indeed, the oils it contains are very effective in purifying wood.      

So the next time your mayo has turned, don’t throw the pot in the garbage, it can still be used!

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Making compost

The theme of edibility is more delicate, for example for meat products such as ham, minced meat, raw poultry or salads already made. With them, it is not always possible to determine the condition from the outside. And they can be harmful to health after the expiry of the expiry date.

So? Compost them!

Having a compost bin in your garden in which you put all your food waste (fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, infused tea bags, egg shells) and expired products to avoid wasting them is a good idea. This will allow us to produce a top quality fertilizer at a lower cost.

But when you don’t have an outside, you can’t put a bin full of garbage in the middle of the apartment!

Fortunately, there are now more and more food recycling stations in cities where you can bring your waste for recycling. Great, isn’t it?

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