Tips To Strengthen Your Immune System


Have you already adopted the right reflexes to strengthen your natural defenses?

If not, there is still time.

This article will give you 10 easy daily steps to take to effectively strengthen your immune system.

but before…

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What is the purpose of the immune system?

It is the immune system that ensures the occasional fight against common infections, such as colds and flu, but also against long fights against cancer.

Having a healthy immune system is not only a guarantee of health, but also of life! Without an immune system, a common scratch would become fatal. Why? because it exposes our tissues to a host of germs naturally present in the air, water and skin.

Scientists don’t know exactly the characteristics of the « optimal » immune response. However, they know that the immune system would be linked, through a complex communication system, to virtually every region of the body.

How do we know if our immunity is failing?

The immune system is so complex that it is difficult to know if it is functioning at its optimal state. This rarely the case! because we live in a society where the water, air and food we eat are polluted to varying degrees.

Nevertheless, there are some indications that may alert us to a truly deficient immunity:

  • Chronic or persistent fatigue;
  • Frequent infections (colds, urinary tract infections, etc.);
  • Wounds that don’t heal well.

Now, let’s see how to effectively strengthen your immune system.

Strengthening your immune system: preventive actions

Before the arrival of bad weather and extreme cold, it is always interesting to give the organism the weapons in advance to start the season calmly.

What about a preventive cure?

But, before providing the body with revitalizing nutrients to defend itself, it is best to start with a detox treatment to cleanse the body and make the transition from summer to the return of cold winter.

For example : A Royal jelly Detox!

Hive caviar, royal jelly has many health benefits. Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals (calcium, silica, magnesium, sulphur, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron) and vitamins will help us fight against fall discomforts.

Its richness, particularly in vitamin B and magnesium, makes it an ideal ally in the fight against fatigue and seasonal depression. In general, royal jelly increases vitality and would help to stimulate the immune system. It thus strengthens the ground and helps to limit external aggressions.

How to consume it?

Royal jelly is available in fresh or freeze-dried form. The fresh form should be stored in a cool place (refrigerator) and away from light. It is recommended to consume 10 to 15 grams per day as a minimum one-month cure.

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Fermented foods & Probiotics

Recent studies have highlighted the influence of an intestinal microbiota that is too undiversified on the dysfunctions of the immune system at the origin of certain autoimmune diseases.

Probiotics have the advantage of being « friendly bacteria » that help the intestinal microbiota restore its properties and balance. They prevent the proliferation of unwanted germs. When administered orally in adequate quantities, they positively modulate the defence mechanisms provided by our mucous membranes and our immune system.

Most of probiotics which are found in fruits, vegetables and honey. It is therefore important to eat fruits and vegetables in order to maintain your intestinal flora.

Also, don’t forget Fermented Foods! They promote a healthy microbiota. You will find them in yogurt, cheese, kefir, sauerkraut or Korean kimchi, pickles, olives, soy sauce, miso, etc.

Enjoy some vitamin C

A study showed that vitamin C reduces both the severity and the duration of the evolution of colds. It is also essential for the renewal of white blood cells.

Where to find vitamin C in the diet? In raw vegetables (cabbage, peppers…), raw fruits such as citrus fruits, exotic fruits or red fruits…

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