20 Mistakes To Never Make At The Airport


While for some people going to the airport is a pleasure, for others it is an obligatory hassle, they would happily avoid if possible.

Whether you are frequent traveller, or an occasional user, take 5 minutes to discover the mistakes you should never make before getting on the plane.

Hint: You will spend less time in and save serious money.

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1- Having an expired passport

In order to board your aircraft, you must ensure that you present a valid passport. Some european countries such as the France, or Thailand require that the end date of validity be several months after the date of travel.

It will therefore be necessary to check this information before leaving. If the expiry date is close, you will have to renew your passport before departure.

And by the way, DO make a copy of your travel documents!

It’s actually a great idea given to us by a friend on the redaction team. He always photocopies his most important documents (passport, ID card, driver’s license, credit cards).

Then he leaves the copies with his family at home and with some close friends, or better yet at dropbox.com. That way, if he loses his documents, it will be much easier to find them or at least get new ones.

We always wondered why Visa would write the number to call when we lose our card on the back of the same card!

2- Not having weighed your luggage

Paying for excess baggage can quickly become expensive. To avoid this problem, it is best to weigh all your suitcases at home before your trip. There will still be time to remove some superfluous items to lighten his luggage. This operation allows you to keep funds to enjoy your holidays.

One more thing: Never forget to identify your luggage.

A very common beginner mistake.

You MUST always identify your luggage. Preferably in two ways: by noting your name and contact details first.

Second, make sure to mark your luggage with an easily identifiable element… (a belt, a scarf, a sticker).

This is what will make your luggage unique. And it will save you lots of time at the arrival.

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3- Not preparing for security screening

During this step, the cabin baggage will be checked. To avoid this step taking too long, all bottles and liquid-based products should be removed. They are not admitted on board.

It would be a shame to miss your flight because of poor preparation, and some overzealous security guards.

Remember also to wear clothing that are both comfortable for your flight, and easy to check by the agents. Belt, shoes that take a long time to move, tracksuit to remove….

Make sure to avoid anything that may make the metal detector sound.

4- Improvising transport when leaving the airport

When it comes to transportation between the destination airport and your accommodation, some minimal planning will saves you money and headaches.

Do not start your trip without first making a reconnaissance. In large cities, take a taxi from an official company, even if it involves a larger amount of money than public transit.

These taxis, generally, have pre-established rates. But they are safe!

And don’t forget!

After a long flight, chances are you’ll be exhausted!

At all costs, avoid « illegal taxis ».

You can check also the airport transport with your holiday resort… specially in  an unknown country

Tip: It is always a good idea to have already located the destination of your hotel on your smartphone or on a Google Maps. This way, the talking taxi driver will easily drive you home without wasting time.

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5- Not having travel insurance

We all want to save 30 bucks on our travel insurance, thinking that it doesn’t do much good. We hope nothing will happen to us, and that’s what we wish you.

But unfortunately, you never know what life holds in store for you. And when you see the cost of medication abroad, you might think twice about it.

Especially, if you have children, consider taking a travel insurance to cover yourself  and your family in the event of illness or surgery, or even the loss or theft of luggage.

I read the story of a person who had gone to Switzerland with his wife, and she had to have surgery. The operation was so expensive that he had to sell his house to be able to pay for it.

I’m like you and think it only happens to other people, but it’s better to be far-sighted.

6. Booking connecting flights with too short a transit time

Each airport has what is called a Minimum Connection Time (MCT). If you buy a single ticket with one or more connections, it must meet the Minimum Transfer Time to be legal.

If you miss your connection, you must be offered alternative transportation. However, if you buy 2 tickets separately, make sure you have enough time in between. It usually takes between 2 and 3 hours, especially if you need to pick up your luggage and check it in again.

One more tip: When a change is planned between two aircraft, collect as much information as possible before the first trip. The boarding gate and its location in the airport will be useful.

This will save you many come-and-go-back through the central panel to discover them. When you are short on time (between the two matches), the slightest minute gained will change the deal.

7- Not downloading your airline’s application or the airport’s application

Most air carriers now have their own phone application. You should definitely download those and use them before you even leave for the airport. This will ensure that you have the latest updates available for your flight, whether it is delayed or cancelled altogether.


Application data is often updated faster than airport screens. As for airport applications, they often contain a map of the various terminals and the services they offer.

8- Drinking too many glasses

Don’t get carried away by adrenaline and euphoria. You are in a foreign country. Chances are many « Champagne » in the company of people you happen to meet in the hotel lobby is not the best travel decision.

None of your business. You might say.

BE aware!

If something happens, the first thing your insurance company will ask for is your alcohol test. If there is any trace of alcohol they are entitled to refuse to reimburse you on the grounds that your judgment was impaired, leading to the incident.

9- Not spending when it’s worth it

The noise cancelling headphones in the airport gift shop are more expensive than the ones in the store.

But… if you forgot to bring your own, consider that you will spend the next six hours, packed like a sardine with noisy strangers…

Sometimes, paying this supplement to the airport shop can simply correct an oversight. It prevents this mistake from turning into something worse: an infernal flight.

10- Forgetting to take something to snack on and read

Waiting times at airports can be significant. Indeed, if you have to be present on site several hours before loading, you will then have to find something to do. A good book will therefore be a great idea.

The snack is also essential to avoid any cravings before the tray served on board. A small packet of cakes or fruit can do the trick.

11- Not buying anything from Duty-free

At airports, these tax-free areas allow you to buy luxury products at an exceptional price. Perfumes, wines, jewellery, it is wise to provide a small envelope to indulge yourself with sumptuous gifts.

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