4 Things You Can Take from Your Hotel Room—and 6 You Can’t


Update-2019: From the Hyatt Place Hotel Miami, stylish pens to hand-made organic soaps of some Gold Coast Chicago Hotels, hotels rooms offer a number of free things for all guests.

But not everything in the room is up for grabs. Most hotels want you to feel at home in your hotel room. Hint: They want you to come back :)… So they fill it with nice & useful things.

They’re so nice indeed, that anyone might be tempted to take them home with him/her. So before you start stuffing your suitcase with goodies, take a minute to learn what’s OK and what’s “going a step further”. After all, no one likes being hit with a huge bill weeks later?!

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Can you guess the one thing most hotels reliably have in their rooms? Soap! And according to Ousman Conte, manager at Claridge’s Hotel london-mayfair, these cute mini bottles are OK to take from your hotel room.

“Often hotels receive negotiated pricing for items from another brand,” he says. They are consumable items, and they would be replaced anyway. However, Curt Asmussen, managing director of Kimpton Hotel Philadelphia, notes that hotels do not encourage you to take these items. Yet, guests aren’t penalized if they do.

In fact, may be now is the time to fill your boots as this perk could soon be a forgotten memory…

Many Hotels including Hotel Intercontinental Hyde Park Corner-UK, the Premier Inn ltd, and some Marriott Hotels are starting to introduce larger bottles in bathrooms. Those are firmly fixed to walls 

Let’s continue…

Some hotel-goodies may be obvious Do’s and Dont’s, but some items will get you in trouble.

Check our complete list… Read next paragraphs.

Shampoo or conditioner

Miniature bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, are another example of complimentary items, that hotel managers expect to go missing. Those tiny bottles are often at or below 100ml in size. So they’re perfect to take in hand luggage on the flight home as souvenir.

They range from basic to high end. For example, one 5 star london hotel offers luxurious lotions from Hermes de Paris and “Bvlgari Rome”designers.

But, much like the mini soaps stocked in the bathroom, the travel-size shampoo and conditioner are also fine to take from your hotel room.

For a reason!

“Hotels usually brand these items too”, says Simone, VIP Customer Service of the Grand Hotel Washington DC. So taking their shampoos, soaps helps spread the word about their name and brand.

By the way, one recent study by Hilton Worldwide Limited, suggests that 73 percent of hotel guests take toiletries home. Usually, people use them to clean shoes, give them to friends or place them in guest bathrooms.

Anything “complimentary”

These complimentary items include dry-cleaning bags, creamers, toothbrush, shoeshine, sugar packets, and certain marketing pieces, Asmussen says. It’s fair game to take them with you.

In addition, many Hotels offer Fruit baskets, gourmet chocolate baskets, or water bottle. Those are placed already in the room. It is OK to take them. Just remember! Paid drinks are clearly tagged.

What else? It depends on hotel standing…

Staying at the Trump Hotel Las Vegas? You get free digital access to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Enjoy it!

Even more…

Joanna McC., the general manager of the W Hotel in Austin, Texas, adds that some hotels give exclusive luxury branded gifts. And of course, you are free (even encouraged) to take. “We love giving people champagne on check-in on peak arrival days at the W Austin,” she says. “We don’t advertise it, but do get a good deal on it. Best part? Our guests love it! ”


Paper and pens and …

These paper items (Notepad, Pen, Envelopes…) usually have the hotel brand name on them. No doubt, they serve as a marketing tool. Feel free to take them with you! 

Just make sure to leave that leather bound pad behind.

Another cool thing you can take is those hospitality gift bags… You’ll have one of these, if you stay at the Resort Caribbean Beach for example. The bags usually include one-time products like suntan lotion, custom lip balm, or something sweet. You may even find in an inflatable ball. Use them or keep them at will.

Free coffee and tea:  Room service? No. In-your-room service. Many hotels provide a capsule coffee machine in the room. Of course, you can head to the nearest Starbucks, but why would you leave the packets of tea and coffee behind?

After all, they’re meant for your consumption. Consume at will, at home.

Sheets and towels

Sheets—and the next items—are the ones you shouldn’t take from hotel rooms. As McCartney from Hinckley Hilton DC, explains, the sole goal of a hotel is to prepare you the perfect room.

If guests start taking pricy essentials, like sheets, it makes it harder for hotel staff to serve their next guest. According to the Telegraph, however, 68 percent of people in a survey admitted they kept some linens and towels from their hotel rooms.

But what does the law say regarding towel-lifting? you might ask…

Well! The Telegraph reporter asked the Metropolitan Police UK. “It is a crime,” its spokesman said. “If we were to receive allegations, we would follow them up.” 

And it is not that difficult. Some hotels have already started to track stolen towels thanks to electronic tags, HuffPost reports.

One more thing:

Remember, that your hotel has your credit card on file.

“Oftentimes, guests fall in love with the luxurious bathrobes,” says Sam from Stanford Park Hotel Palo Alto. “But beware: If you take it home with you, most hotels will automatically charge your credit card for it. And, it might hurt! – a few hundred dollars.”



hotel room

Contech notes that in most cases, you will find clear disclaimers on all items that shouldn’t leave the room… including pricy electronics.

“An example is Claridge House’s AavGo tablet,” he says. “There will be a cost levied on the room charge if a tablet or other item of value goes missing or removed from the premises.” 

Just common sense. Anything that is clearly hotel property and would be considered stealing are things including lamps, iPad, TVs, radios,etc., are definitely no-no’s.

And when in doubt, then ask the front desk is it appropriate to take as a souvenir.


hotel room

These usually embroidered robes are really nice. And many people think they can take them from hotel rooms, but can’t, according to experts Contech and McCreary. On the other hand, you can bring home the slippers. They are one-time items, and they are typically OK to take. 

It adds up!

Experts estimate that losses from hotel “missing items” total $100 million a year in USA alone. Towels and luxury robes win as the most swiped items, said Tia Gordon, spokeswoman for the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

And they are trying to stop it.

Some hotels has found that putting a price tag on such items as bathrobes, and at the same time offering them for sale has helped stem the losses.

By the way, do you know the most unusual items stolen from a hotel room? It includes a grand piano, wheeled out of the reception, and an owner’s pet dog.


Wooden hangers, Glass bottles, and Mugs

hotel room

There is a chance that taking these 3 items (Wooden hangers, Glass bottles, and Mugs) from your hotel room could lead to consequences beyond an extra charge to your room. Seriously, you can get“blacklisted,” NBC reports.

Hotels keep a record of guests who trash hotel rooms or steal items. Many branded hotels might ban these people from booking again.

In rare scenarios, some people could get arrested. The Telegraphreports a couple in Japan was arrested. They toke home robes and an ashtray.

You know, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So only take the complimentary items that you really need. Just because you can take something doesn’t mean you should.

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