(STOP): 14 Hair trends everyone ditched in 2019


Rainbow hair has crossed the rainbow bridge

Let’s face it, the first time we saw the rainbow or unicorn hair we snapped right away. Maybe you even tried this new trend. After all, these bright colours are irresistible. Nevertheless, this mythical trend is over in 2019, especially for adult women.

« Because if bleaching your hair, then dyeing it in a rainbow is great fun for many teenage girls, many women have realized that daily rainbow hair care is not as much fun with a busy schedule. « said Joey Furlan, hairdresser, from Joey Hair.

So after this style has conquered women in their forties and even sixties, the trend is slowly dying.

« This high-impact purple that we love for a few weeks, always fades quickly, » explains Furlan. And it’s often hard on abused hair.