Signs that it’s time to stop and take a vacation


Are you hesitating to take a vacation?

Whether it’s for your physical or mental health, your couple or your balance, there are hundreds of reasons to take a vacation.

Here are some clues that indicate the time to do so!

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You Are Constantly Working Overtime

Working unceasingly, without distraction, is the royal path to burnout. If long hours are part of your job and you are not ready to change occupations, plan a few days of vacation.

« Holidays are a light at the end of the tunnel when the burdens of daily life are heavy, » says Kane. Keeping in mind the reward of a vacation is « a pleasant thing to focus on and one that brings a positive feeling, » she adds.

Holiday prescription:

  • Rest by going for a stay in a spa place, or a relaxing destination
  • Recharge your batteries of endorphins with a sporting holiday (whitewater rafting, surfing or skiing)
  • Rekindle your creativity in a place that offers artistic activities.

You No Longer Have A Personal Challenge

The challenge of mastering new techniques keeps the body and mind sharp.

If you are an expert in everything, it’s time to tackle what you don’t yet know.

The trip is known to offer this kind of possibilities.

Your Colleagues Are Your Only Friends

Hanging on to your desk, you no longer have time to see your friends, or even make a few phone calls to check up on them.

So much so that you realized that your colleagues and the pizza delivery guy represent 97% of your social life.

Your Loved Ones Keep Telling You That You Look Bad

Do those around you notice your bad looks? They tell you you don’t look well?

Listen to them and go for a good dose of sunshine.

Give yourself a chance to go to island of Ré.

There is nothing better than a getaway on this paradisiacal island to recover your radiance and good looks.

Stay at Les Varennes campsite on the island of Ré, which is very close to the most beautiful beach on the island. The campsite welcomes you in a green setting, conducive to relaxation.

You will be in contact with nature. Go to the beach to relax and get plenty of vitamins D. Whether you’re going alone or with your family, a camping trip will help your morale! When you return from your vacation, you will look bright.

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Too Much Time On Social Networks

Some people just look at pictures of their friends who are having a good time on the other side of the world.

Others keep visiting the pages of travel bloggers to get the latest news.

This is already a sign that these individuals must also leave to relax.

Or simply stop consulting social networks.


When you stumble across holiday pictures of your Facebook contacts, you feel a widespread hatred… This one climbs as you discover their instagrams of sunny beaches, exotic cocktails and turquoise coves.

Lack Of Concentration

If you have recently noticed that you lack concentration at work and at home, you have difficulty performing simple daily tasks, consider taking a well-deserved break.

You Have No More Ideas

Or you have a lot of them, but you can no longer sort out which one to implement.

That’s right! Your brain has its limits! When you get to this stage, you have definitely exceeded the time of simple fatigue.

You urgently need a holiday!

Don’t hesitate any longer, put your affairs in order and stop all activity tomorrow.

It’s the only way to avoid getting yourself into trouble, like forgetting an appointment with a customer, not thinking about sending an invoice or making your monthly payment statement, or sending an email to your important customer.

When Your Motivation Gives Up On You

When the pressure at work becomes too great, we tend to forget the primary reason for working.

In order to refocus and regain good energy, take a vacation, go away, rest. Then when you return, think about what motivates you in the first place: working to support your family? Place a picture of your children on the desk to keep your motivation intact.  

You Spend Far Too Much Time On The Flight Comparison Sites

Skyscanner and Liligo have spotted you, they send you regular emails with their best offers, it’s time to give in to temptation.  

Your Taste For Collecting Cards Is Becoming An Obsession.

It’s nice to have a wall with a map showing all the places you’ve been, but between your phone shell, your wallpaper, the clock and your Pinterest board… It’s a bit much.

You Spend More Time Dreaming Than Working

Your work is accumulating and deadlines are getting dangerously shorter, yet this does not prevent you from daydreaming about heavenly places and other postcard images.

You can’t remember what was said at the last meeting, you were already elsewhere.

You need at least three coffees at noon to last the rest of the day. You’re overworked. You need a break… And to book a flight.

You Have The Laziness To Cook Food

So much that you no longer even know how your oven works when you want to reheat the leftover pizza you had delivered the day before.

Yet, you love to cook and treat your loved ones, but for the moment the less you do, the better.

That’s precisely why it’s time to discover new culinary innovations!

You Have Only Vague Memories Of Your Last Vacation

What did you do for your last vacation? When was that again? I have no idea. You know it was good, and it’s already not bad. We have to get back there as soon as possible!

You Want To See With Your Own Eyes

Finally, last sign, nothing is enough to get you on the road: a photo, a video, a book, a documentary, you no longer want to learn things from others: it is time for you to experience them!

A report on the Himbas of Namibia? The ascent of Everest? Not one or two, you jump on a plane to see all this with your own eyes.

Traveling by proxy is certainly not your thing!

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